I am a former athlete who has gradually fallen out of shape and become overweight due to the stresses of life, work and time. I recently began working out with Mike Foley and I am amazed at how much better I feel. My strength, flexibility and energy levels–and most importantly my overall balance—have improved dramatically. Combined with the Chiropractic care and massage at the Heney Chiropractic Neurology Center, Mike Foley’s training regimen has benefited my overall health status tremendously.

-John N

I am a 68 year old male who is self-employed,and must travel around the country.  I need my body and mind to be in first rate, pain-free, working order.  Dr. Steve Heney DC is my healer of choice who has helped keep me tuned and ready to go.  Through his expert and gentle ministrations he has helped me to heal and correct numerous mobility issue ailments which effected my ability to work at 100 %.  I have referred Steve to many of my friends who have also experienced successful results in his care.  Steve is state-of-the-art when it comes to the healing arts and his “bedside manner” should be a model for all health care practitioners.


When something is affecting a child it impacts the entire family. My son was struggling in school, and that is putting it lightly. He could not concentrate, was talking out of turn and had difficulty responding to and answering the teachers questions. He had trouble with short term memory and could not successfully  follow simple 1 or two step instructions.
He had no skills or athletic prowess and frequently stumbled over his feet even coming up the three front stairs to our home.

Then a miracle happened, Dr. Heney stepped into our lives. Through the guidance of Dr. Heney Eric participated in a program called Interactive Metronome therapy or IM for short. This program changed our lives.

My first impression of Dr. Heney was how sensitive and responsive he was to our families needs. Sensing my desperation he offered strategies that I could  implement that same day. Over the course of the IM therapy, we were in constant contact with Dr. Heney and he offered ongoing support for using the system. Eric showed slow and steady progress as the weeks progressed and then came the true test, the new school year was starting.

At teacher conferences last fall the teachers and school guidance support staff listened to what we did over the summer with Dr. Heney. They were in disbelief saying “this is not the same kid”. We still buckled down anticipating more of the same difficulties in school as we had for three years prior; we thought erroneously that this was just a honeymoon period. But, this year was different….

My son enjoyed successes both in and out of school. He continues to demonstrate improvements academically and even joined a sport for the first time in years. Our family is forever grateful to Dr. Heney providing us with the tools we needed to help our son thrive.


I was miserable with chronic lower back pain for over two years when I first began treating with Dr Steve. I’d been to other chiropractors for this issue and although helpful they could not help me sustain long term relief. Through trial and error, utilizing different techniques, Dr. Steve was able to figure out a treatment program that was most effective. It’s been 14 years since I met Dr. Steve and sometimes I forget I ever had a back problem. Dr. Steve’s expertise extends far beyond the lumbar region, He’s also given me tremendous relief from some painful neck and shoulder issues. I have been referring friends and family to Dr. Steve since 1997 and will continue to do.


We have nothing but accolades for Dr. Stephen Heney.  He has been providing superior chiropractic care for our family for the last 7 years.  Since Dr. Stephen is a chiropractic neurologist, he is able to provide a wide range of therapeutic services that separate him from the rest.   Years ago, for example, I was having severe thyroid issues and Dr. Stephen’s care changed my health significantly.   Additionally, I was able to avoid knee surgery due to the alternative treatments that Dr. Stephen provided.  My husband had chronic neck and lower back pain and Dr. Stephen’s care as well as his ability to make the right referrals to other professionals allowed my husband to play golf and be active again!  Even my daughter has greatly benefited and her chronic ear problems have subsided.   We like to be well informed about our care and Dr. Stephen always takes the time to explain his approach in depth.  In all the years we have been going to his office, we can truly say we have never seen him have a “bad day”.  He is consistent and an expert in his field who has been highly caring and professional for every visit.   Dr. Stephen makes each of us feel as if we are his only patients!  He makes it his business to understand our unique issues. Simply stated, Dr. Stephen has provided our family with the best care possible.  There are certainly other chiropractors out there, but Dr. Stephen is second to none. We would not even think about going to anyone else!

 -Paula & Wally

I worked with young children and was aware of the concept of training neuropathways in the brain.  So when I heard about Interactive Metronome Therapy to retrain neuropathways lost or damaged, I decided to try it.

Since treatment I have improved memory, gait, balance, language processing, concentration and focus.  I am very thankful that Dr. Steve suggested this option to me and that I listened to him.

Dr. Steve is knowledgeable, a great listener, patient, kind, accessible, follows through, asks for follow up feed-back, and treats you like you are his only patient.

I recommend Dr. Steve and Interactive Metronome Therapy to everyone that I know.